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Web Hosting Worthing: Worthing Web Design provides fast, secure and reliable business, private and cloud web hosting in Worthing, Sussex.

Worthing Web Design's web hosting facilities provide high performance, high redundancy, reliability, security and connectivity to the Tier 1 internet backbone with multiple web hosting servers located at a state of the art data centre.

If you are looking for a fast, secure and reliable web hosting company in Worthing, contact us today. We offer both Linux web hosting and windows hosting. We will help you choose the right platform and set you up with a package to suit your needs at a price you can afford.

The infrastructure at the data centre is built to the highest specification possible. As standard, each server rack is provided with:
•    Dual Power feeds from separate UPS systems
•    Dual Redundant Fibre coming into separate sides of the building
•    Dual Routers and Switches at each point of the network

We have been trading for over 20 years and have an experienced team who will cater for your needs and work with you to ensure your website and email both run as smoothly as possible.

The network uses dual vendor Cisco and Foundry Routers and Switches throughout to ensure the ultimate in network performance and is monitored 24/7/365.

Each of our load balanced web servers has a minimum specification of twin 3.0Ghz Intel Xeon processors, 2Gb RAM and 250Gb of RAID disk space. The SQL Server clustered database servers currently utilize 1Tb of RAID disk space.

Windows hosting platform
Our web servers run the latest Microsoft Server operating system, with IIS7 and Microsoft .Net 4.0 framework as standard to run your ASP.Net web site design.

Linux hosting platform
We run Red Hat Enterprise Server operating system with Apache web server to host our PHP web sites and use MySQL database management for fast & reliable performance.

Worthing Web Hosting provides resilient SMTP & POP3 email facilities with a web mail interface to allow you to check your email from any browser with spam filtering and anti-virus protection.

Whatever your hosting requirements let our web hosting company will provide you with a cost effective solution.  As well as web site hosting, we can provide your company with secure real-time off-site data backup and streaming media (audio and video). We can provide managed dedicated servers or the latest Private Virtual Server (cloud computing) - Give us a call on 0800 028 6088 to discuss your needs now!

We also offer server virtualisation and application streaming private/personal and corporate business services.

We host websites and web solutions for many business located in Worthing, West Sussex and our team have worked with multi-million pound enterprises who trust our services, but, you'll find we're competitively priced, ideal for local and small businesses in Worthing.

If you do not already own your own domain name why not let our company register and manage your personal or corporate web presence! Already have a domain name? Then we will help you simply point the domain at our web servers, and take care of everything for you. Our technical experts can help you through every step of the process.

If your company has an ecommerce web site and require hosting and ongoing support, our web developers have the necessary skills and expertise to take over from the previous web developer or web development company to satisfy your needs.

We are also able to host, further develop and maintain any content management system. Contact us now to let us know your requirements.