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Bespoke office automation solutions: Microsoft Office Automation, Worthing.

Microsoft Office product suite integration in Worthing, West Sussex:

We have extensive experience of developing bespoke Office automation solutions that integrate with the Microsoft's Office suite, that can save your business time, money and many hours of work as well as eliminating human error from data entry.

Our Worthing Web Designers can take data from almost any source such as accounts packages, legacy systems and other back office software. After cleansing the data we can import it into Excel to allow advanced reporting or further processing, Access database applications or Word for mail merge.

As an example, one of our customers in Worthing had an employee spend 3 weeks every month entering data that had been printed from an accounts package report into Excel to allow the company to produce monthly sales analysis figures, a very time consuming and error prone process. Using our bespoke software to directly capture and process the accounts data into Excel the sales figures were available within 1 minute allowing the company to run the report ad hoc and to respond to market trends very quickly, with the added bonus of freeing up the employee to be reassigned to other tasks.

Electronic document management with scanning, archiving and indexing

Using inexpensive scanners and document management software we can dramatically reduce the amount of storage space required for your documents and reduce the fire risk. Electronic document management allows you to retrieve files very quickly increasing the speed of response to customer enquiries.

In many cases documents can be index automatically based on the type of document and the position and type of text or graphics. One of our customers stores 120,000 documents per month and saved the significant cost of renting warehouse space to store the documents for their 7 year legal requirement - the system is approved by HMR&C and all documents are admissible in court. Documents can be annotated and categorised very easily.

Business Process Review
Why not let our highly experienced business analysts perform a review of your systems and business processes to significantly improve operating efficiency, data security with large cost savings. Our business process review with suggested changes or improvements and estimated implementation prices includes:

•    Microsoft Office product suite integration with training for efficient use. Can we automate key tasks? Are you duplicating data entry that wastes time and introduces human error? Are paper reports printed and used for data entry?
•    Electronic document management with scanning, archiving and indexing. Reduce the fire risk and storage space while increasing the speed of response to customer enquiries
•    Is your valuable data secure – do you have real time offsite backups? What if there was a fire in your office?
•    Has your company developed a web site design or presence? Have you considered eCommerce but thought it too complex/expensive? Is your web site highly ranked in Google and other search engines? Can we provide a more cost effective web hosting and email facilities?

After a business process review we can design software to link disparate systems to create a new integrated solution that meets your companies changing needs, without the cost of a complete redevelopment project. Maximise the return on the investment you made in your old software by migrating the data collected over many years into new packages or bespoke software.

Working closely with your staff, our business analysts and system architects will create a solution tailored to your specific requirements. Our highly motivated and professional development team will ensure that your project is completed within agreed time scales and budgets.

Our confidence in our ability to deliver quality systems on time allows us to offer you fixed price contract terms.