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Our Worthing based company offers Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) Inventory Management Software

Multichannel Order Manager (M.O.M.) Professional Inventory Management Software

Multichannel Order Manager (MOM) from Dydacomp is a powerful and flexible order management system designed for ecommerce, multi-channel and distribution businesses.

Whilst M.O.M. has many excellent features, MOM out of the box doesn't  provide much key functionality and users often end up having to spend a small fortune on additional modules.

Our system integrators are a very experienced team of software engineers in Worthing who can create bespoke functionality for MOM. If there is a feature you want and Dydacomp have not provided it, then give Worthing Web Design a call to discuss your requirements and we will provide you with a free no obligations quotation.

Multichannel Order Manager's data import leaves a lot to be desired, but with our many years of experience using MOM and creating bespoke software to process your existing data into a format that be used directly by the M.O.M import routines, we can write the data directly to M.O.Ms database using our extensive knowledge of their product. We can often automate these processes so you can have data continuously flowing from your systems in to Multichannel Order Manager and back out again for external processing.

Our Worthing Web Design firm is very proud of its Multichannel Order Management integration projects and have a number of customers with eCommerce web sites using our state of the art web design services to seamlessly connect their M.O.M inventory to their web sites in real time (that means near instantaneous, i.e. not waiting for a predefined period for a synchronisation routine to update the web site or download orders).

When a user browses to a product and sees a stock level, that is the actual number of items held in stock at that moment in time. Web sites using MOM's own Sitelink have to wait for the scheduled data synchronisation and could well be viewing an incorrect stock level. Web customers don't want to place an order thinking the item is in stock only to find it out of stock as another customer has placed a telephone order in to MOM buying the last one in stock!

Our web design company in worthing ensures accurate stock level information is relayed to the customer and when they place an order on the web site that order is instantly transmitted to Multichannel Order Manager thus allocating the stock immediately to the customer, making mom a the best choice for ecommerce websites.

Everyone is talking about cloud computing these days and more importantly many companies are transferring their systems from in-house servers to powerful servers located in the cloud (the cloud is really just another name for a remote server with internet connectivity). Transferring your Multichannel Order Manager software into the cloud couldn't be easier with the Worthing Web Design expert technicians helping you every step of the way. We will ensure a smooth and seamless migration from your existing server to a state of the art cloud server. Our cloud servers are very powerful and highly resilient with failover to geographically remote locations should a natural disaster or terrorist attack affect one of our data centres.

Our Design and development firm in Worthing was one of the first companies in the United Kingdom to work with MOM in the cloud and we have many customers who have benefitted by moving their in-house server processing to our cloud computing facilities.  We have customers that often work remotely from their office and that have out sourced their warehousing and distribution facilities. The clients simply give the distribution centres remote access to Multichannel Order Manager via the cloud connection and they pick and pack while you run the rest of the business. We specialise in high tech business software solutions and can configure MOM to print invoices, packing slips, barcode labels and reports to remote printers in your office, at home or at your distribution centre.

With a decent broadband connection and remote desktop access you'll be amazed at the stunning performance our company will help you achieve, and you can relax knowing that all of your valuable data is backed up and stored in our data centres with 24 hour high level security.

Worthing Web Design can also help you with M.O.M. report writing and have created many  complex, helpfuil and bespoke reports for numerous customers.

Let us help you unleash the full potential of a MOM in the cloud solution by contacting us today to discuss your requirements.